Meet Emma

Emma grew up in the world of dance and theatre. Her mother had a very large ballet school, so her life growing up was filled with colour and make believe, she was dancing and dreaming before she could walk.
Emma moved from New Zealand to Australia when she was 15 to attend a full time ballet and performing arts school, and following that she went on to pursue a career in musical theatre that saw her into her late 20s.
When Emma wasn’t dancing, She was making her own clothes, costumes, cushions, duvets and decorating her houses and when she was 25, her mum bought her a brand new sewing machine. This is where it all began.
Emma started her first homewares brand and called it Emma Jay, she sublimated her dancing and performing into the world of textiles and interiors, which then  became her purpose and passion.

Emma’s Ethos.
There is another side to Emma – her big picture approach to life. She is very passionate about sovereign health, our earth, humanity, and nature, and throughout her personal life journey, living a sustainable and holistic lifestyle has become a big part of her everyday. So from this heart space, Boem was born, which is such a big extension of all of the things that Emma is.

Boems Journey.
Four years ago, Emma had a vision to create a product that polarised where she saw the world. She wanted to create something with substance that was far removed from the mass produced, over saturated product that flooded our marketplace. She wanted to create something that was soulful, raw, imperfect and handmade, something different and original that could reconnect us back to the earth and  ground us, subtlety. Emma knew it was going to be something handmade by artisans, and she felt drawn to India.
In late 2018, she jumped on a plane to bring her vision to life and fell in love with the place, the people, the opportunities it presented and the world that it opened to her. The rest is history.