Things to know

BOEM products are 100% handmade under a fair trade slow fashion umbrella. It can take up to 11 months to make our products, 90 days alone just to weave our fabrics!

as we like to keep BOEM special and exclusive, we don’t carry stock, so upon ordering we will be making your Boem piec for you. 

Sometimes our leadtimes on production and custom-made orders can take a long time, and because BOEM products are made in remote villages, sometimes we can have little delays that we can’t control, so we please ask that you understand the very special, magical, handmade nature of BOEM before ordering.

It’s because of this though, that we love BOEM… It’s where the magic lies, and you can rest assured that no one else has a BOEM piece that is the same as yours.

Please know that we are here for you to answer any questions, and that we are busy working on producing your beautiful handmade BOEM peice.